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William St. Claire (falconer) 05282017 American Kestrel

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Wabash IN
On 5-28-2017 I received a call to pick up an American Kestrel at 5153 300 E. Wabash, IN. When I arrived they already had her in a carrier it was a female fledgling with just a little down left on her feathers. We knew where the nest was and she had been trying to get back in it but due to the predators in the area and severe storms (there was cars parked close by with people out taking pictures of funnel clouds to the north) I decided it was best to bring her in. Initial examination: This baby American Kestrel is completely feathered, but her wing feathers are not all the way in.  She is very feisty and energetic.  No injuries were found on examination.