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Upper Wabash Interpretative Center - 05252016-Eastern Screech Owl-2

Admission Date
#05252016-ESOW-2 I received a call at 6:30PM from the Rescue Coordinator regarding a baby screech owl. Upon arrival, I was informed that the baby was found on the ground right outside the nest. My first instinct was to put baby back until I looked at his poor little face with a bad eye. The rest of the assessment was great. Very alert, feisty, beak, talons, toes, and wings looked fine. Dr. Pat examined the owl, stating the left eye may have an infection so she applied a salve antibiotic to the eye. His keel was a little thin but not bad. He joined another baby screech that was rescued earlier in the day for dinner! 04June 05252016-ESOW-2. Unfortunately, this little guy's eye does not look like it will heal with any sight.  Plans are to transfer it to the Upper Wabash Interperative Center at Salamonie State Park in Indiana.