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Harris’ Hawk (Bay-winged Hawk)
Admission Date
Cause of Admission
severe burns due to electrocution

How she came to be…   Sheyenne was purchased by Adam in Nov of 2017 from Mike's Falconry in Oregon. She was captive bread, and has never lived in the wild. While flying her, she landed on a utility pole and touched a wire, burning her feet. He paid $1600 for her, which is probably irrelevant   Medical treatment…. She had to have both wing tips amputated due to the electrocution. The skin on both wing tips died. She also had burns on both feet and all of her toes that we are still treating today. She was on both an antibiotic and pain medication. To protect her feet, she had foot bandages on. Her foot was covered with honey, a non-adherent pad, and Coban.   For more information in Harris's Hawk click here