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Ruby's Surgery Was a Success!!!

Today was surgery day for Ruby, our resident Red-Tailed Hawk. Bright and early this morning, Sue H. and Bill O. delivered Ruby and Houdini to Purdue University's Small Animal Hospital, where - thanks to your generosity - both will undergo surgery to remove a cataract. We all were on pins and needles while we waited to hear that Ruby came through the surgery okay, and the results. Was the surgery successful? Is the cataract gone?

YES! The cataract is gone, and Ruby is recovering well! We are so happy and relieved!

Your generosity made these life-saving surgeries possible for Ruby and Houdini. (Houdini's surgery is scheduled for the 17th of October.) There are no words for how grateful we are. Many thanks also to the skilled vets at Purdue University.

Please keep these special birds in your thoughts as we wait for Houdini's surgery, and celebrate Ruby's success.