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Turkey Vulture
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Butler, IN
Cause of Admission
Partial amputation of wing
A turkey vulture was found in a lady's yard in Butler, IN trying to fly but unable to  because it was missing half of a wing. She managed to get it in a box and called us.   The bird was hoping around in the box when I arrived, with several chickens for friends hanging around outside. For missing half a wing, he looked surprisingly good and his wound was fairly healed. He won't be flying again, but hopefully he's healthy enough to become an educational bird somewhere.   We all wish this amputee the best! 07/16/2020 This young vulture is being treated for pain and with an antibiotic. It is surprisingly healthy considering its situation. We are observing it at the moment. Since it is a young vulture it would be more adaptable to living in captivity vs an adult 08/03/2020 This vulture has been moved to our rehabilitation facility. It is non releasable due to its wing amputation. Our placement coordinator has been notified 09/06/2020 Soaring Hawk has started the paperwork to allow us to keep this vulture as an education bird. He is a great companion to our other education vulture