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Barred Owl
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, IN
Cause of Admission
Hit by car, poor vision
Mr. Peabody has very dark, soulful eyes, as do all Barred Owls.  Sometimes it seems he can read your thoughts as he looks at you!   Peabody was picked up by Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in 2010 and brought to Soarin’Hawk.  We could not begin to rescue so many injured birds without the help of a vast number of people and agencies, including Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.  Most likely Peabody was hit by a car since he came in with a head tilt and blood inside his eye.  He eventually recovered completely except for his eyesight.  He is not blind, but his vision is poor; he would not survive in the wild since he needs keen eyesight (and good hearing) to hunt his prey. Peabody is a great education bird and is typically relaxed during the presentations.  Peabody shares his mew (small flight pen) with Indy, one of our other Barred Owls.  Peabody and Indy are a bonded pair and you can often see them together in their owl house.