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Owl Baby Season - 10plus with more coming in very day!

Owl Baby Season

They are SO CUTE.  An adorable ball of fluff with those BIG EYES.

Unless of course, you are the unfortunate rodent or mammal that Mom or Dad Owl brings home for YOUR dinner. 

PLEASE do not pick up the baby owls if you find them on the ground.  More than likely Mom & Dad are nearby, watching over junior.   Most people don't know that bably owls are quite capable of walking back up the tree that their nest is in. So, it's best to leave them alone, and give everyone a lot of space.

UPDATE we are getting calls to rescue baby owls who, while on the ground exploring, are being found and captured by dogs.  This is a case were the owl DOES need to be rescued. The dog may not mean any harm, but owl may get injured.  So, do call SoarinHawk 260-241-0134 or other agencies listed on the RESCUE BUTTON