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Pandian haliatus (sea eagle)
Prepared by
Bob Walton
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Length: 22-23 inches
Wingspan: 57-70 inches
Weight: male 1200-1600 gm, female 1600-2000gm 

White head, breast and belly.  Brown stripe through eye; females have a speckled brown necklace.  Wings and back brown and tail is barred.  In flight, the wings are long and narrow; the wing bends back at the carpal joint (wrist), giving a characteristic shallow v-shape, and at the bend, there are conspicuous dark wrist patches.  Immatures have pale buff edging above. 


Worldwide; in NA, from Alaska across Canada to Labrador and south to Florida and Arizona.
Near or on shallow waters—fresh, brackish, or marine. Nests along lakeshores, seashores, marshes, and rivers. Highest densities near salt water.
Almost exclusively live fish, 150-300 grams in weight. Makes dramatic dives from 10-40 meters, but seldom goes much below surface of water. Secures fish in talons before flying off.
Nest is a large collection of sticks and flotsam, usually wedged high in an
exposed tree; also nests on cliffs, power poles, buoys, specially designed platforms, and on the ground of predator free islands. Clutch 1-4 eggs.
Northern birds winter south to Peru and Brazil. Fall migration occurs in September with spring migration taking place in mid April.
Frequent to abundant. Recovering strongly after numbers were reduced by the improper use of pesticides.