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Red-tailed Hawk
Orion came to Soarin Hawk early in the fall of 2015.  He was a juvenile, just hatched that spring.  He was thin and blind in his left eye.  If you look at him closely, you will see that his left eye is smaller than the right.  The eye never fully developed, just like Hawkeye, our Broad-winged Hawk. Up until then, he had still been taken care of by his parents.  But when they left him on his own, he apparently could not see well enough to hunt successfully. He is fondly called "Peep" by many of the Soarin' Hawk volunteers as he is a very vocal bird!  From the first time we put him in a flight pen, he would always talk to anyone who entered his pen.  He is probably a male because he is small by red-tail standards.  If you get the chance to see him next to Ruby, you will see how much bigger she is than Orion.  We are hoping Orion will continue to be the vocal, animated bird he has been as a youngster.  He is being trained to fly between two people for education programs.