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Barn Owl
Admission Date
Cause of Admission
Captive Bred
Thanks to Beth Woods, Indiana Wild, who connected Soarin' Hawk with Deron Meador, a falconer from Maryland, a captive-bred Barn Owl joined our educational bird population.  He was born on September 24 and came to Soarin' Hawk the first week of December.  Gigi Stewart, Jillian Price, and Kim Westfall have been involved with his care until he can be moved to the pens, weather permitting.   Deron Meador, Adventures With Raptors, has been a falconer for 22 years, a breeder for 8 years, and has been involved with presenting educational programs for 11 years.  Eurasian Eagle Owls, Barn Owls, Burrowing Owls, Harris Hawks, Falcons, are some of the raptors he has been breeding over the years.    Deron, an advocate for educating the public about native raptors, such as the Barn Owl, and, as we are a non-profit organization, has kindly donated this Barn Owl to Soarin' Hawk.  Thanks to him, we are fortunate to be able to add such a beautiful owl to our list of educational birds.