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Maryland Zoo - 06192016 Barred Owl

Admission Date
Cause of Admission
possibly hit by a car
06192016-BAOW although he has very little vision, he is able to find food in a flight pen.  We will try and place him as an education bird. 24 July The barred owl is eating well, a combination of chicks and mice, even though he prefers mice. His eye sight seems to be coming back a bit, he moves his head around and follows me with it. I am also treating him for the little bugs.   06192016-BAOW Upon examination, it appears to be an adult barred owl that was probably hit my a car.  There is a small laceration on his right wing, but no other obvious injuries.  He probably has a concussion as he is extremely lethargic.  He was give a pain reliever/anti inflammatory and rehydrated.  We are hopeful he will recover completely.   28June Owls eyes are huge compared to the size of there head, so eye injuries are very common.  When this owl was hit by a car he ended up blind.  He will be given time to see if he can recover his vision.  He has progressed from needing to be force fed, to being hand fed tiny bites of food at a time to eating a whole mouse if it is handed to him.  He has not been able to find food left in his ICU cage so we patiently hand him a mouse at a time until he is full.