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Admission Date
Rescue Location
Plymouth, IN
Cause of Admission
Hit by car
This Barred Owl was initially being treated by a rehaber in Rochester , IN that is affiliated with Soarin Hawk. This owl had been hit by a car but after continued treatment it was felt it's condition was deteriorating. It was taken to our veterinarian on Monday April 13th for xrays and evaluation. She determined that it had no vision in its left eye due to the eye deflating. and questionable vision it it's right eye. There is also damage to its beak and cere. There were no broken bones. It is currently under observation in our treatment facility  until it is determined that it is eating on its own and can be medically released . It is considered non releasable so our placement coordinator will eventual try and find a suitable permanent home in another facility. 05/01/2020 This owl is non releasable due to its eye injury. It has been moved to our rehabilitation facility for observation. It still has an opening on its cere that is being monitored 06/06/2020 This owl is being evaluated to determine if it will make a good education bird for Soarin Hawk. It's cere is healing well but it is back in our treatment facility because it tore its sheathe off of one of its talons  06/14/2020 We continue to treat this owl for pain. Having a sheath torn off of a talon is very painful. It remains in our treatment facility 06/29/2020 We have moved this owl back to our rehabilitation facility