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Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cause of Admission
Jett was the the winning name at the SHRR 2020 rummage sale in Huntertown for this Coop.  The temperament of Cooper’s Hawks makes them an unlikely candidate for an educational ambassador.  Jett came to us as a young bird.  He’s very friendly and mellow for a Coop so we decided to keep him as one of our ed birds.  He likes to be handfed on a handler’s glove.     7/2/2020  Called out to Wabash to a house where a bird was under a box. Gentlemen indicated that the bird was following him around his yard as he did various chores. He called us to come pick it up.  Picked up the bird and took it o ICU to be triaged. Bill Oberg 07/19/2020 This young coopers hawk is showing signs of neurological damage. It has been moved to our rehabilitation facility