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Houdini II

Grey Phase Eastern Screech Owl
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Warsaw, IN
Cause of Admission
Head/eye trauma, blind in one eye
Eastern Screech Owls are unique among raptors in that they come in two different colors, or phases as they are called.  Houdini is a grey phase.  One of our other Eastern Screech Owls, Peanut, is a red phase.   In 2009, Houdini came to Soarin’Hawk from Barbie Lake in Warsaw, Indiana.  As with all of our education birds, he is non-releasable.  He probably ran into something (a window, etc.) or something ran into him (like a car) since he came into Soarin’Hawk with head and eye trauma.  He recovered with the exception of being blind in one eye.  Since they hunt live prey, they need both eyes for good depth perception to be able to be released.   Houdini is very relaxed during education programs, and often even seems bored!  In his flight pen he always sits on top of his nest box. In contrast, Peanut, our red phase screech, spends most of his time inside the nest box.