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‘Hoo’ wouldn’t love to have an Owl living in their backyard?

‘Hoo’ wouldn’t love to have an Owl living in their backyard?

Thank you all for a great response to this story!  We received offers from all over Allen County and Northern Indiana.

We were lucky that a family that lives very near where the bird was found in Northeast Fort Wayne was able to sponsor his new home. 

01232016-easo-1 Was released on 3/8/16.  He was adopted by Cindy and Stephen Rahn. “Happy”, as he was named, was placed by Dick Buchanan  in an owl box mounted in a tree in front of the Rahn’s house. About 18 people witnessed  his release.  This little guy, named "Happy" made the front page of the Journal Gazette metro section when he was released!

Check out the Journal Gazette:

Thank you again for interest and dedication to conservation of these magnificent birds-of-prey.

Thanks to the Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Services, we currently have a recovering owl looking for a new place to call home. He was dropped off by a kind stranger, who had found this fella in the road.  Initially he was thought to have suffered from head trauma. He kept circling his head in a way that was symptomatic of a neurological problem. Luckily his vision did not appear to be compromised which is so common in these situations.

Today we are excited to announce that he is ready for release! Since we don't know where this guy originally came from, we need to find him a new home. Preferably somewhere with trees, where we can build him an owl box and let him roam safely!