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Hatchday Birthday Program

Celebrate your next Hatchday (Birthday) with the raptors!

We'll bring the live raptors to your private birthday party! The program will explore different raptors of Indiana and their role in our environment. Participants learn the 3 key features of all raptors and learn why they're different from other birds.  Duration 45-60 minutes.

All Hatchday Parties Include:

  • A minimum of 3 live raptors such as a hawk, owl and falcon.
  • An age appropriate education program
  • Custom Soarin'Hawk artwork and photos for invitations
  • Keepsake photo opportunities.
Program Cost

Cost:  $200 for locations up to 25 miles from Soarin’Hawk (Huntertown).

Note:  $25 for each additional 25 miles.  Please note that we cannot travel further than 70 miles from Soarin' Hawk keep the stress on the Rators to a minimum

Payment:  Is due the day of the presentation. 


  • Add the Owl Pellet Dissection Lab, additional $3.00 per person.
  • Add a Bird Release to your program, additional $50.00  Note: Limited availability. 
  • Add our Bald Eagle to your program, additional $150.00 Note: Limited availability.
How you're helping the raptors

Soarin'Hawk birthday parties help accomplish the mission of Soarin'Hawk by providing a distinctive educational experience for participants, as well as financial support for the essential work we do in our clinic.

Make your birthday dollars count while providing a truly memorable experience for you or your child.

Many Hatchday guests of honor ask that donations be made to Soarin' Hawk in lieu of presents for themselves.