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Eastern Screech Owl
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, IN
Cause of Admission
Wing fracture
Adopted by Cam & Jenn Kaminski, 2024 and forever

Frankie is a gray phase Eastern Screech Owl.  He lives at Soarin' Hawk with his mew-mate -  Puck.  Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between Puck and Frankie, since they are both gray but you know its Frankie because he always has something to say!  

Spring 2019    From our volunteer, Ruth:  Friday I brought our newest education bird to the pens!  His name is Frankie. He came to Soarin Hawk in November 2018 after the tree he was in was cut down, causing him to fall 25', and damaging his left wing. After an attempt to repair it surgically, it was determined that he was not releasable because it would not heal properly. On January 2nd, I brought him to my house for training as an ed bird. He had a hole in his cere and a few weeks later it became infected and he went back to ICU. When healed, he came back to me. A few weeks later the infection returned again so it was back to ICU again. After different meds which cleared it, he came home again. It took months, but the wound finally healed completely and he looks great! Frankie is a pretty calm bird. He is very alert, but not jumpy or bitey. I named him Frankie because he is very vocal. Much more than any Screech owl that I've seen. He is named after Frank Sinatra. He steps up and backs down pretty well and is great on the glove and perch. He doesn't bate often, but if he does, he gets right up on the glove. He is not used to large numbers of people yet so he may be nervous about that. He calms down quickly. Talk softly and move slowly with him and he will be fine. Touch him carefully and slowly. I usually start with his back and then his head. Then he will put up with other touching. I think he will be a wonderful ed bird and I think you will love him!