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Fishing for Jefferson

Jefferson, our handsome Bald Eagle, loves fish. When he started to get low on his favorite meal, we put out a call for fish, and you came through with flying colors! Thanks to Matt Parr of Undertow Baits (260-908-4484), John Grimm, plus Steve and another John, Jefferson now has 41 pounds of fish to eat! That will last a little more than a month.

Do you like to fish? You can go fishing for Jefferson too!

IMPORTANT: Whole fish only. No fillets please. No carp (Jefferson doesn't like carp). Remove all hooks, etc. Blue gill or other similarly sized fish are perfect. If you can, please package in flat, one-pound packages.

If you have fish you'd like to donate, call 260-241-0134 to arrange a pick-up.

Thank you for fishing for Jefferson!