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Great Horned Owl
Admission Date
Rescue Location
South Whitley, IN
Cause of Admission
Adopted by Yeoman & Kendall 2020

Athena is one of everyone's favorite owls.  She's literally a hoot at our presentations!  She lives at Soarin' Hawk and enjoys her view from her mew.  We've decided that her birthday is Feb 25, 2020, so you know we will be celebrating her birthday each year!  She's turned into a beautiful owl, full of her adult feathers.  

4/21/2020 Just sitting down to lunch and Lynne called about GHOW fledglings having a problem with the wing of one and unsure about the other one. When I arrived the owner and his son met me and we walked the better part of two football fields to an area where one of the GHOWs was in a box. I put my glove in and tested his movement only to find out that the left wing did not fold all the way into the body.

We went further into the woods, about another football field and found the older of the two. I tested it’s ability to move as well. It was slow to react. It was nowhere near what they called a nest and nearby a steep ravine and flowing water. The folks were worried about it possibly falling into the ravine and drowning. I will be honest with you, but the nest they pointed out was extremely small and I did not feel it was their nest. There was no poop or pellet residue anywhere around.

I called and talked to Diana about how to proceed. She indicated we could bring them both in to be reviewed and go from there.

As always I pray these guys make it back to nature. Prayers and hope for them both.


Bill Oberg

04/22/2020 After an exam and x-rays by our veterinarian it was determined that this orphaned owl will be unreleasable. It has an old poorly healed fracture of its left humerus and ulna with poor extension. It also has uneven pupil response

04/26/2020 All of the great horn owlets will remain together for the time being.  They are being observed to ensure they are eating well on their own.

05/05/2020 This young owl has gone to one of our volunteer trainer's home. We found out through DNA testing that this is a female. She will begin her training to become and ambassador bird