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Another Renesting!

On 5/7, Soarin' Hawk received a call about a baby Barred owl on a porch in a suburban neighborhood.  We went over to the house and saw the owl on the porch, looking scared, and found that the nest had two more siblings that were sitting on a branch outside of the nest, about 20 feet up.Wayne put his ladder against the tree and tried to re-nest the bird.  Twice, he tried to put it back in the nest, and it kept jumping out.  The owner of the property brought out a basket, and Wayne tied it to a branch right by the nest, put a towel in the basket, and put the owl in the basket.  While he was doing all of this, both parents of the baby were observing on a branch in a nearby  tree.  A couple of times, one of the parents flew very close to Wayne while he was up by the nest.

A couple of days went by, and the owner of the property called Wayne and said that the owl was out of the tree again and on a porch.  Normally, we would leave the owl and let the parents take care of it, but it was getting late at night and we were afraid to leave it outside at night, if it wasn't flying, because of possible critters in the neighborhood.  The caller put the owl in a dog carrier and brought it inside his garage until the next morning.

The next morning, Wayne picked it up, climbed back up the tree to re-nest it and noticed that one of the siblings was gone.  Therefore, we don't know if this was the original baby that fell out, or a sibling. 

So far, we have not heard back from the caller, so hopefully all is well with the babies.