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20240702-Red-tailed Hawk-1-x

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Albion, IN
Cause of Admission
Bird found with drooping wing

7/2/2024 - While a bunch of us bird handlers were at a presentation for the Girl Scouts in Syracuse, a rescue alert came out from our rescue dispatcher that a hawk was in need in Albion.  

We looked at a map and decided that we could pick up the Red Tailed Hawk on our way back to Soarin Hawk.  So the Soarin Hawk van with 4 bird handlers and 6 educational ambassadors went to Albion to pick up the hawk. 

The adult RTHA was not able to fly and a very poor keel score so it has not been able to hunt or eat for a while.  

We brought the hawk back to Soarin Hawk where the bird was examined closer.  Unfortunately, the bird was found to have an old calcified fracture on the right elbow.  The bird was humanely euthanized.   

Rescue/Presentation team -- Gigi