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20240624-Cooper's Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Leesburg, IN
Cause of Admission

6/24/2024 - This young Coopers Hawk was picked up near Leesburg, IN.  It was too weak to fly very far, probably because its flight feathers were not fully developed. The bird had been contained in a screened porch but offered no attempt to escape when "the man" arrived with a blue box and took him for a long drive.

Examination at Soarin' Hawk found absolutely nothing wrong that several grams of mouse pieces couldn't cure.  Sometime within a few hours after arrival, one of our friends (a licensed falconer) adopted this bird to train to hunt.  These devoted and well-trained people care for the birds and are careful observers of behavior.  Their investment may lead to a companion in the sport of falconry or, the hawk may fly away the first time it is allowed to free fly in its training.  Either way, this bird will be able to mature and hunt and be cared for by a highly trained expert.