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20240502-Eastern Screen Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Huntington, IN
Cause of Admission
Found bird in mud on a walking path
May 2nd was a big day for a little owl.  She was found face down in a temporary puddle in Pehkokia Woods, an Acres Land Trust property, near Huntington, IN.  Once warmed up and fed a few meals, she was ready to go back to her parents.
We were happy to meet her rescuers Rosa and Chris Garrison at Pehkokia Woods to be guided to exactly where she was found.  The most likely nest tree was located where a low sided cardboard box was lashed in place, dry leaves were added before placing this lucky little owl inside.  Her parents can easily see and hear her to take up their feeding and training duties!
Thank you, Rosa and Chris, for your care and thank you Acres Land Trust for protecting these valuable properties