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20240429-Great Horned Owl-1 (Re-nested)

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Garrett, IN
Cause of Admission

On 4/29, Soarin’Hawk received a call from a woman at the Indian Springs campground in Garrett. She said they had been observing a baby Great Horned owl that had been on the ground all day and wasn’t flying. 

Wayne and I went to check on it, and besides being soaking wet from all of the rain that day, I thought his keel felt a little thin. He was very alert and feisty.

    He was checked out in the ICU, and nothing was found wrong with him, so he was dried out with a hair dryer and fed six mice, which he wolfed down! 
    It was decided that he should be put back where he was found so that the parents would take care of him.  The next day, on the 30th, he was returned to the place where we found him. 

Today, the 30th, a different caller from the campground called and said they saw him in a different part of the campground.