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20240314-Barred Owl-1-x

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Goshen, IN
Cause of Admission

I received a notification that an owl was down on the ground around 8 PM (3/14/24) in Goshen Indiana. Being one of the nearest for a response, I was quick to volunteer to recover the owl and help contain it if necessary. Angie Metzger from Bremen offered to assist, and we agreed to meet in Goshen. 

I arrived at around 9:10 PM and saw the owl was already contained, however I quickly realized after removing the box and blanket it was under that the owl wasn't putting up much of a fight. I cast the owl and examined it for any obvious injuries but could see none, however it was obvious from the owl's lack of response to me that it must have been in a dire condition. I transferred the owl to my box and Angie arrived to see me off. 

After about an hour car ride to Soarin Hawk, the owl was still alive. Kim Nedberg met me at SH around 11:20 PM to triage. We examined the owl, finding an apparent fungal infection in the owl’s throat. We administered limited treatment and gave the owl fluids, and then put it in the incubator to see how it did overnight. 

The owl’s heart rate and breathing were good; however, it was very badly emaciated, having a keel score of just one. It seems whatever fungal infection is in the owl’s throat has caused it trouble eating and taking fluids. 

The owl sadly had to be euthanized after the fungal infection in its front was deemed non-recoverable and ultimately fatal. 

Rescue Team Volunteer – Cody