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20231116-Eastern Screech Owl-2-X

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Marion, IN
Cause of Admission
Hit by car

Rescued an Eastern Screech Owl this evening…met the caller Lance, in Markle, In.  About 9 pm on 11/15, a caller was driving in Marion, In and the owl flew into the front of his car.  As it was late, kept it overnight in a small, blanketed dog crate. Lance couldn’t meet us until his workday was complete.  The owl had an injury to his right eye, swollen and bloody. Also had blood in the mouth. Triage by Kim Nedberg who immediately noticed a broken wrist of the right wing.   The little guy was immediately euthanized.  I called Lance, gave him the news, and thanked him for kindly stopping to care for the owl so he didn’t suffer.  Submitted by Anne Hager, Rescue Team