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20231114-Short-eared Owl-1-x

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Woodburn, IN
Cause of Admission
Hit by car

We received several calls about an owl in distress at the intersection of Morgan and Rorick Roads in Woodburn, IN.   This owl was seen in this same location on 11-13 and highway workers also spotted it on 11-14-23.  The DNR was contacted and their CO, Adam Stresemann, brought the owl to us right away.  It was immediately triaged and was found to have severe injuries to its right eye and right ear, likely because of a car strike.  It was given fluids and pain medications and placed in a cage.  Upon further examination later in the day, it was found that its right eye had deflated due to the injury, and it also had fresh blood in the right ear and mouth.  Given this, it was humanely euthanized.   Truly a sad moment as short eared owls are a species of concern in the state of Indiana due to habitat loss.