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20230906-Great Horned Owl-1-X

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Ossian, IN
Cause of Admission
9/8/2023 - Bird succumbed to injuries and passed away overnight in the cage.
This bird was found near Ossian, IN and picked up by a Wells Co. Animal Control officer. A simple pick-up and transport but no less interesting.  Wells Co. shelter has an office cat and she did not like that big mean bird at all!  HISS AND GROWL.
I held the bird to get better control and one of the officers noted one pupil of this owl was much larger than the other (head trauma?).  Back in ICU, the same symptom but not as pronounced.  The owl was treated for external parasites (flat flies) and will be offered plenty of food.  Further eye testing to follow. 
--Rescuer Ross