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20230905-Cooper's Hawk-2-X

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, IN
Cause of Admission
Unable to fly
9/8/2023:  The bird succumbed was humanely euthanized due to West Nile symptoms.
9/6/2023:  Some vision has returned - 
This bird was found just a few hundred yards from Covington Road.  When I arrived, I was given a lift in a 4X4 to where the bird was last seen; fortunately, it was still there.  The caller had mentioned that the bird refused to fly and would only present a "tough guy" look of spread wings and big talons.
I approached with a low profile, got the tough guy defense, and grabbed the talons.  Into the carrier and on the way to Soarin Hawk.  In ICU, there were none of the usual broken bones but the bird was thin and and was blind in one eye.  He will be hydrated and given all the mice he can eat.