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20230826-Red-Tailed Hawk-1-X

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Berne, IN
Cause of Admission
Found by side of the road, most likely hit by car

08/26/2023 - The bird succumbed to injuries and was humanely euthanized.

Karla called us stating she had picked up a hawk that she found alongside the road north of Berne, IN.  I contacted her and we agreed to meet in Decatur, IN.  Upon arrival, I found that she had a juvenile red-tailed hawk and it was very quiet and lethargic.  I could see no visible injuries or blood on the bird and since it was found on the side of the road, we can only assume that it was hit by a car.   I got it loaded up and headed back to Huntertown, IN where it was triaged and found to be very emaciated and blind, likely from head trauma.