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20230425-Great Horned Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Ossian, Allen County,Indiana
Cause of Admission


Thanks to all the volunteers that helped nurse this Great Norned owl back to health and allowed it to be released! 


When the call came about an owl in a chicken yard, I recalled several previous rescues with similar descriptions.  This one was different!  The caller had the owl, a Great Horned, contained in a small pen under the chicken nest boxes.  The only way in was through a tunnel of wire mesh about 32" square and 4' long with a sharp turn at the end.  It's always exciting to be literally eye to eye with a raptor in a confined space.  Getting out while holding the very angry bird and crawling backward was an even bigger challenge!  The remainder of the trip to the ICU was uneventful since somehow, I was not bruised and bleeding! Rescuer Ross