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20230126-Cooper's Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Albion, Noble County, Indiana
Cause of Admission

 On 1/25, Soarin’Hawk received a call from the Albion Veterinary Clinic, saying that they picked up a hawk that ran into a woman’s windshield. The woman said she was in a parking lot and a hawk flew into her windshield. The hawk fell to the side of a road and its head was shaking. The woman was right beside the Vet clinic, so she went over there for help.  Someone from the clinic came over to the hawk and put a towel over it, and took it back to the clinic. The clinic then called Soarin’Hawk, but because of the weather Wednesday night, Wayne picked it up on the 26th. By the time the hawk was evaluated by the ICU staff on the 26th, they could not find any injuries and the hawk had a healthy keel of 3. The hawk might be released soon. Rescuer Pam W