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20230123-Cooper's Hawk-2

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Akron, Fulton County, Indiana
Cause of Admission
hit by truck

At approx. 4:30 pm, Laura Rush hit this bird with her pick up truck near Akron Elem. School in Fulton Co. The bird broke out a 2 foot section of the grill and was stuck between the remaining portion of the grill and the radiator. Mark Rush removed the bird and tried to set it free, but the bird was unable to fly. He placed it in a cat carrier and called SH. I arrived at the Rush's home at 7:00 pm and quickly transferred the bird to my carrier. I arrived at SH at 8:15 pm. Presenting condition: Dazed but alert. Slightly combative when handled. Only injury observed was lacerations on talons.   Rescuer: Sharon P