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20230110-Great Horned Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana
Cause of Admission
stuck in a tree

  On 12/10, a gentleman called Soarin’Hawk about an owl in his tree that had been dangling by one foot since the morning. We got the call around 6:00 p.m.  His wife looked out her kitchen window and saw something flapping up in their tree. The owl was about thirty feet up, hanging from a crack in the branch of a tree. He had called three different sources, and two of them said they would have to charge them to get the owl out of the tree. Finally, Animal Care and Control told them to call us. Needless to say, he was grateful to get a hold of someone who would come out!     Volunteer Wayne climbed a ladder and was able to get the owl in a net and bring him down. The owl was a tired Great-Horned owl.     The only injury I saw was a couple of scrapes on a talon and a toe. His keel was good. He will be more properly evaluated tomorrow by our ICU team. Volunteer Pam