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20220828-Red Tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Redkey, Jay Counry, Indiana
Cause of Admission
soft tissue wounds on right wing

We received a call to the rescue line about a hawk that is unable to fly and is down on the ground and easily approachable.  I met the caller half way between Redkey and Fort Wayne which was Bluffton, IN.   He had the hawk in a large crate and once uncovered, I could see that it was a juvenile red-tailed hawk.  He said that the hawk was found in his trailer park by his children and they brought it to him.  I could not find any significant findings during my field exam.  Its keel, however, might be a little low.  I placed him in my transport box and headed back to Fort Wayne where I delivered the hawk to another volunteer who will take it to our facility in Huntertown on Monday morning. Examination found healed soft tissue wounds on the right wing. There is loss of skin in the area. The wounds were cleaned and meds and food given.