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20220409-Turkey Vulture-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
New Haven, Allen County, Indiana
Cause of Admission
unable to fly

I received a text on Saturday, April 9 about an injured Turkey Vulture in New Haven, IN. The caller stated that the bird was standing on the shoulder of the road three days previous but had since moved away from the road and was standing in a marshy area about 30 feet from the road. They also said that he appeared to be favoring his right leg and sort of "hopping". I met the caller there and found the Vulture leaning against a log at the edge of a large puddle in the woods. He was pretty alert and made me walk in some water before I could grab on to him. He hissed a bit but eventually he gave in and let me get close. Once I picked him up, he calmed down a bit. I got him in the carrier and put him in my heated truck. He immediately dropped his head and began to relax in the warmth! I saw no visible signs of injury. Once at the ICU, Nicole and Kim examined him and found some wounds, bruising and swelling on his right leg. Keel was about 2.5. Nicole cleaned up his leg and foot, discovering several more abrasions. She put a donut on the foot and got him in a pen. He seemed very comfortable, attentive and active when I left. Dean R