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20220311-Red Tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne, Allen County,Indiana
Cause of Admission
No significant findings

The homeowners children noticed a big bird on the patio. She called her mother, retired Veterinarian Assistant, for help. Her mother told her she would not be able to help BUT she knew who could! So she called Soarin’ Hawk. This juvenile Red-tailed Hawk had jumped on top of the AC unit. He was was easily approachable and did not attempt to flee when picked up. He appears to be in good health. But it is not normal to be able to approach these birds without them fleeing. He will be further assessed by our Veterinarian team! When examined under anestheshia the left side foot and shoulder was found to be slightly larger than the right side. Pain meds are being given and it is being hand fed at this timel.