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20210722-Red -tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cause of Admission

I was called to the home of Stacia Larson, 1580 Greenfield Lane in Bluffton, IN. She was caring for an adult red tail hawk which had been found in a field by Joe Schmitt, 7747 South 400 West, Poneto,IN the evening of 7/21/21. She stated the bird was just sitting in Joe's field and not moving. She stated the RTHA was covered with sawflies which she removed. She gave the hawk an ounce of water by syringe. The hawk was panting, calm and alert with no visible injuries. The hawk was triaged  at Soarin'Hawk ICU. Anne Heger 07/23/21 this bird  is very thin but no obvious injuries have been found. It has been given fluids for rehydration. It is under observation in our treatment facility