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20210708-Red-tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne,IN
Cause of Admission

On 7/8, Soarin'hawk received a call at 10:00 p.m., saying that a hawk was in their above ground swimming pool, clinging to the hose that was filling the pool. The caller said that by the time they got to it, it was on the outside of the pool, still clinging to the hose, but it looked like there was something wrong with his leg. Lynn put a call out to volunteers to see if they could pick up the hawk in the morning. The house owner had the hawk contained in a box. The location was just a mile from my house, so I picked up the hawk and took him to ICU. I didn't want him to stay in the box all night, soaking wet.   When I picked him up, he was indeed soaking wet, so I wrapped him in a towel on the way to ICU. When I put him in his cage, I kept the towel on him and he laid on his stomach and did not stand. He was alert, but not feisty at all.   The next morning, on 7/9, I got a text that Maraiah checked him out and nothing was wrong with him, and he could go home!   Since he was a juvenile, I took him to the same yard where he was found, and released him there. He was very feisty and obviously not happy that he had spent the night in a cage. He flew right into the trees and began calling for his mama. I heard a mature red-tailed in the distance. Maybe that was mama! Hopefully, he will be reunited with her soon! He is probably hungry, since he did not eat his mice offered to him in his cage.   Pam