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20210705-Great Horned Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cause of Admission
Broken wing

I went on a call to search the field pictured below for a nestling great horned owl. After going thru some 1/2 mile of soybeans, we spotted this little guy hunkered down in the beans looking out at us. The caller and I encircled him and eventually netted him. Brochures were handed out to the caller and he was advised to tell his neighbors to stop shooting these and other raptors. He was also encouraged to call us at anytime they see these guys.   He was taken back to ICU and triaged by Suz. He has a fracture in the right wing.   As always we hope and pray these little guys make it back to the wild. Thoughts and prayers for you little guy.   Bill Oberg 07/07/21 This young owl is scheduled for an xray in the morning. This will determine if this is a repairable break. If so, surgery will follow