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20210701-Red Tailed Hawk-4

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Huntertown, IN
Cause of Admission

I was at Soarin Hawk headquarters delivering an injured Red-Tailed Hawk when a call came in regarding a hawk on the ground in the backyard of a nearby property. I found the hawk on the ground and it attempted to run away but didn't try to fly. it appeared to be a fledgling that had either fallen or had been pushed out of the nest. The property owner Greg showed me where there was a hawk's nest in a nearby tree. With the hawk captured and confined in a box, I returned to Soarin Hawk where it was examined and found to be dehydrated with a very pronounced keel indicating that it hadn't eaten for some time. When I left it was being treated with subcutaneous fluids with a promise of food shortly. 07/04/21 This young hawk is slowly starting to eat, its prognosis is unknown at this time