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20210618-American Kestrel-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Ossian, In
Cause of Admission

Our rescue line received a call about a bird down in a man’s barn. The gentleman did not want the bird returned due to it eating some of his chickens, I believe. The lady that called was a bird rehabber. When I arrived she had the bird in hand with a long note on her findings and her basic information. I thanked her, handed her our information and instructed her how to follow the bird on our website. She indicated she knew us well.   I brought the bird back to ICU, where it was put in a temporary cage until someone came to triage it. There were no apparent injuries to be seen.   As always we hope and pray these guys can be returned to nature. Our thought and prayers are with you little guy.   Bill Oberg 06/19/21 After the initial evaluation this young kestrel was found to be healthy. We will monitor him until he is old enough to be released. He will be placed with the other young kestrels we currently have in our care