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20210615-Red tailed Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne,IN
Cause of Admission

Our rescue line received a call about a bird down by the ballpark in downtown Fort Wayne. When we arrived ( the women had taken the bird home with her), the bird was lethargic, and unresponsive. She thought it had hit a nearby window. We gave her our information brochures and returned the bird to ICU.    The bird was triaged and found no real problems other than a slight small hole in its chest. It is currently out in the rehabilitation enclosures  flying well, just not eating.   As always we wish these birds to be returned to the wild. Thoughts and prayers for you little guy.   Bill Oberg Suz Hansen 06/06/21 Initial examination suggested some spinal trauma as this young hawk wasn't standing and was very quiet. It began perching within 24hrs and response in its legs has improved. it has multiple puncture type wounds to its feet and one to its chest. It has been moved to a larger enclosure to allow evaluation for flight and its ability to find food