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20210605-American Kesstrel-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Silver Lake,IN
Cause of Admission

An American Kestrel was rescued from Silver Lake on June 5, 2021. The property owner found the raptor on the ground and noticed a potential wing droop. The Kestrel then tried to scale a nearby tree, and was attempting to hide under a piece of bark. When unsuccessful, the Kestrel moved back to the ground. The property owner placed a cardboard box over the Kestrel for Soaring Hawk Volunteer Rescuers' arrival. The rescuers transported the Kestrel to ICU, where it was found to be quite dirty and have lice, but appeared to sustain no serious injures. 06/13/21 No serious injuries have been found.  This young female kestrel is in an enclosure with other young kestrels until it is independent enough to be released