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20210525-American Kestrel-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cause of Admission

We arrived and the boy came out of the house with the bird in a cage. He apologized for the behavior of his stepdad and indicated he was sleeping. We took and transferred the bird to my box and took him back to ICU. These folks knew about us and I handed no brochures out.   Diana and I triaged the little guy and found nothing really wrong with him. Under observation.   While going to get this bird I received a call from Lynne about another bird down near Macy, not that far from where I was. I said sure.   We hope this little guy can be returned to nature. Hope and prayers for you fuzzball.   Bill Oberg 06/04/21 This young kestrel is doing well. It has been paired with another kestrel  for companionship. They are both doing well and eating on their own. It is just a matter of waiting for them to grow enough to be released