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20210513-Barred Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cromwell, IN
Cause of Admission
Broken wing

We received a call to the rescue line about an owl down on the ground near Lake Wawasee. When I arrived the homeowner indicated that he heard a commotion from his dachshund's and when he went to investigate, he found a barred owl fledgling in the corner of his fenced in yard. When I arrived I found the small owl in a box. It was quite but alert. It looked like it had blood in the mouth but I think they may have been some lunch? It was very young as noted by all the blood feathers in the wings. I gave the homeowner information about Soarin' Hawk and placed the owl in my rescue box.  I headed back to Huntertown. Upon examination it appears that the right wing may be broken and the left wing was a bit bruised. The keel score was low so we fed it two mice which it happily ate! The owl went to get radiographs that evening and it did confirm a break in the right wing. We are hoping this owlet heals quickly and can be returned to the property.   05/16/21 Due to the age of this owl and the location of the break it was determined that the best treatment was to keep this young owl quiet and well fed and let the wing heal. Due to its age the bones should heal quickly. 05/24/21 This young owl has been moved in with one of our foster mom adult barred owl 06/04/21 The repeat x-ray shows the beginning of a callus being formed. This is an excellent sign, it has begun finding food in its enclosure 07/13/21 The last x-ray shows a well healed bone. We have moved this young owl into a flight pen to let it develop its flying ability. When it reaches an appropriated age it will be live prey tested and hopefully released