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20201215-Eastern Screech Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Ridgville, IN
Cause of Admission
eye injury

Our dispatcher sent out a note about an eastern screech owl, that had been sitting by the side of the road all day. It was getting late in the afternoon and folks said they would hold it  and we could get in am. The  weather looked ominous on the following day and since there were no other responses, I decided to take the call and go that day. I'm glad I did because the weather the  next day was snowy and with a long trip on 2 lane roads it would have made for a long journey on that day.   So, I arrived to a huge lumber yard with mountains of firewood. Met the folks that called and we walked around to the back of their property to a warming shed where this guy was next to a warm, woodburning stove. I thanked the folks for calling, talked to them about us and how to view the eastern screech owl's progress online. I handed them brochures on us and was on my way.   Bird was taken back to ICU, where Ellen did the triage and found it to have blood in the right eye and some other issues. Seems to be doing ok as we speak now a few days later. As always we hope and pray these little guys get better and can return to the wild. Prayers for you little guy.   Bill Oberg 12/26/2020 This owl has blood in its left eye from a possible head trauma. It is receiving treatment  01/10/2021 We have moved this owl to a larger enclosure outside to see how it handles finding food in a larger space