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20201215-American Kestrel-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne,IN
Cause of Admission

So, while I was coming back from picking up an eastern screech owl in southern Indiana, Lynne asked if I could stop in Fort Wayne on my way up to Huntertown and see about a bird in a basement. Since I love adventures, I said sure why the heck not.   I arrived to find a Kestrel had entered this callers basement from an open heating vent and was flying merrily around the open basement. I fortunately carry a net, thanks to Pam indicating I should have one. This guy could fly beautifully between the stud work in the basement. I had the caller stand at one end like a scarecrow and wave his hands when the bird came that way, giving me several chances to net the bird on it’s flight back towards me. Finally after several Keystone Cops looking chases around the basement, I netted him.   I thanked the caller and gave him brochures on us and how to check out the birds progress. He was very grateful for making his mother feel better about not having an animal in her basement.   So, back to triage with the second bird and he was triaged by Ellen. She found nothing apparently wrong and as of today, several days later, it appears to be ok. As always we hope and pray these little guys can get back to mother nature. Heres hoping the best for you little guy. 12/18/2020 Nothing was found to be wrong with this bird. It has been moved to our rehabilitation facility, hopefully to be released soon