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20201209-Eastern Screech Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Syracuse, IN
Cause of Admission
eye injury

An Eastern Screech Owl, gray phase, was brought to Soarin' Hawk by a concerned citizen. She noticed the owl in a bush when she parked her car. The owl just sat there in the bush and didn't move for quite a while. She contacted Soarin Hawk and spoke to Lynne. She told Lynne she could bring the owl to us and she did that Wednesday morning, 12/9. We triaged and examined owl who seemed healthy except for his left eye. Our vet tech will give the owl a thorough eye exam to see exactly what is going on with that eye. As always we hope we can release this little owl back out into the wild. 12/10/2020 This owl has blood in its left eye with possible head trauma. Appropriate treatment was started. A situation like this is always a  difficult  to predict and outcome. 12/16/2020 There is some improvement in this birds neurological symptoms. We continue treatment 12/26/2020 The neurological symptoms have disappeared. The damage to the right is still present. We are continuing treatment 01/10/2021 this bird's eye has not improved. It will probably be non releasable 01/21/2021 This owl has been moved to our rehabilitation facilities 03/15/21 It has been determined that this owl is not releasable. Our placement coordinator is looking for a facility that is interested in this owl as an education bird 03/28/21 This owl's status remains stable 04/18/21 This owl's status remains stable