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20201123-Eastern Screech Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Claypool , IN
Cause of Admission
Found on side of road

Today, Wayne and I picked up a grey phase Eastern Screech owl in Koskiosko County. The caller said she found the owl on the side of the road on 11/22, and brought it inside the house, where she and her mother held her.   When we got there, , the bird was quiet, let us pick it up with no resistance, and its eyes were closed. We think it might be a girl because it was's weight was good and it's keel was a good score. Kim didn't find anything wrong with it initially, but the owl would not stand. it would sit back on her hocks.   it will have further evaluations tomorrow. 11/24/2020 This appears to be a healthy bird. We will keep it in our treatment facility for a few days and then move it to our rehabilitation facility 11/27/2020 This owl has been moved to the rehabilitation facility